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The Masses And The Dystopian Novel Elysium Essay

The connection between these texts is they all feature compliancy of the masses, and all feature in some form of dystopian worlds. The texts all feature varying forms of dystopia, Bioshock features a dystopia brought on by evolutionary war, whereas brave new world features a world where the state has unlimited control over the technology and the people that rely on it. Paragraph 1 In Elysium, the film has an imaginary space station called â€Å"Elysium† this station hold only the most elite people, everybody else lives in a worldwide slum down on earth. The people on earth all just try to survive those who have jobs are forced to preform back braking labour for a minuscule pay, most just accept this fact and occupy themselves with trying to survive. This is the compliancy of the masses and the dystopian element in â€Å"Elysium† the fact that all these people lie down and let the elitists walk all over them is depressing. The author seems to be suggesting that humans will always treat each other poorly and that as people get more power they are more willing to risk human life for their own benefit. And the author is also showing how if we allow the masses to become complacent with poor living conditions society will fall into dystopia. Mr Blomkamp made these ideas apparent by the use of grimy conditions in the film, he also showed the risk people are put in by having a man fully exposed to lethal amounts of radiation and his co-workers being forced to continue production without

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The Philippine National Police - 8266 Words

Philippine National Police ( PNP ) The Philippine National Police or PNP is the national police force of the Republic of the Philippines with a manpower strength of 113,928 as of end-July 2007. It provides law enforcement services through its regional, provincial, municipal, district and local police units all over the islands. Created by virtue of Republic Act 6975, otherwise known as the â€Å"Department of the Interior and Local Government Act of 1990, the PNP came into being on January 29, 1991, at Camp Crame, Quezon City, when the Philippine Constabulary and the Integrated National Police were retired as mandated by law. Vision The Men and Women of the PNP are committed to a vision of a professional, dynamic and highly motivated†¦show more content†¦It was set up by virtue of Organic Act No. 175, enacted by the Second Philippine Commission on July 18, 1901. The Constabulary then was composed of six thousand men led by American officers and former members of the Spanish Guardia Civil. Under close American direction and control, it functioned as a military organization. Since its formation, the Constabulary had been primarily discharging police law enforcement and public safety functions. Its officers and men had served with distinction both in the field of law enforcement and in combating violence and lawlessness, and in various aspects of public service. There was even a time in history when they performed the duties of teachers, sanitary inspectors, midwives, doctors and foresters. The Philippine Constabulary was mandated as a civilian organization on March 15, 1945 when it was placed under the general supervision of the Interior then later transferred to the Secretary of National Defense on March 30, 1950. The Secretary of Interior had supervision over the Constabulary as early as January 13, 1939 until the outbreak of World War II. As an insular police force, the officers of the Constabulary carried the civilian title of â€Å"inspector.† Its peacekeeping duty was limited to areas where military rule had been lifted. The Constabulary At War The participation of the Constabulary in the dark years of the Second World War began upon President Roosevelt’s declaration of a state of emergency in the United States. ManilaShow MoreRelatedA Bloody Clash Of Philippine National Police1504 Words   |  7 PagesEvents On 25 January 2015 a bloody clash transpired between Philippine National Police (PNP)-Special Action Force (SAF) troopers, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), and Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) forces leaving 44 police commandos dead. It was believed a high valued target (HVT) MILF leader Zulkipli Bin Hir of Malaysia, also known as Marwan was killed as a result of operation. (Kabiling, 2015) (Recuenco, 2015). Philippines as a nation mourned there loss of the valued PNP and SAFRead MoreWheel of torture1724 Words   |  7 PagesTen (10) Philippine National Police officers have been discharged after revelations that they played a game called â€Å"wheel of torture† at a secret detention facility. The Commission on Human Rights is looking into the supposed maltreatment of up to 41 detainees in the Philippine National Police facility in Bià ±an, Laguna. The facility is a 200-square-meter bungalow being rented by the Laguna police intelligence branch first district unit composed of 12 staffs. At the kitchen area, the police improvisedRead MoreFraternities in He Philippines1668 Words   |  7 PagesFraternies in the Philippines A Research Presented To The Filipino III Teacher Luna National High School Luna, Isabela In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Filipino III By Melvin R. Fontanilla III-Diamond March 2011 Chapter I INTRODUCTION A. Background of the Study A  fraternity  is defined as a group of people united in a relationship, having some common interests, activity, and purpose. It is a  brotherhood, as the members usually say, of people at a college or university usually characterizedRead MoreThe Most Crucial Problem of Philippine: Deforestation1153 Words   |  5 PagesPhilippine Deforestation: Final Paper Deforestation is one of the most crucial problem of the Philippines today, because of poor economic performance, weak polices, legal institutions and government laws, increasing population, poverty, corruption , agricultural expansion and lastly, extensive commercial logging activities. Philippines is a beautiful country rich in its biodiversity and natural resources, the country has 7,107 islands with a land area of 300,000 square kilometers. UnfortunatelyRead MorePhilippine Contemporary Problems and Issues1511 Words   |  7 PagesPhilippine Contemporary Problems and Issues POVERTY - The state of being extremely poor. - The state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount. Causes of Poverty 1. Rapid Population Growth As the Philippines has financially limited resources and a high poverty rate, the rapid increase in population has become a problem because there is already insufficient resources to support the population, which leaves much fewer resources to improve the economy. From 2003 to 2006,Read MoreManagement and National Service Training1620 Words   |  7 Pagespsychology | 3 |    |    | Cs 111 s1 | Logic formulation and introduction to programming | 3 |    |    | Cs 111 s1 | Fundamental of typing and word processing | 1 |    |    | P.e 111 | Introduction to physical activities | 2 |    |    | Nstp 111 | National service training program i | 3 |    |    |    | Semester 2 |    |    |    | Eng 122 | Effective speech | 3 |    |    | Fil 122 | Pagbasa at pag sulat sa ibat bang disiplina | 3 |    |    | Math 122 | Applied math trigonometry | 3 |    |    | Soc scRead MoreQuestions On The Hostage Crisis Essay1230 Words   |  5 Pagesdecisions. One example of Prisoner’s Dilemma is the hostage massacre incident in 2010 that greatly affected the international relation of the Philippine and Hong Kong government. The Manila Hostage Crisis was a massacre incident that took place on August 23, 2010. It occurred when Rolando Mendoza, a dismissed former national inspector in the Philippine National Police, hijacked a tourist bus in Rizal Park, Manila. The bus carried 25 people that consisted of 20 tourists, a tour guide from Hong Kong, andRead MoreSurvival of Authoritarian Regime in Philippine and Malaysia1146 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction In the following paragraphs, survival of authoritarian regime will be the focus. Philippine and Malaysia will be used as case study to explain the rationale. History of Singapore, Burma, Thailand, South Vietnam and Indonesia will also be covered. Case of Philippine International environment After the WWII, there is an ideological war between U.S and U.S.S.R which leads to the occurrence of Cold War. U.S represents capitalist bloc and U.S.S.R represents Communist bloc. The South EastRead MoreCultural Immersion Project : Philippines1257 Words   |  6 Pages Cultural Immersion Project: Philippines Jesse Starkey Soc 3214 August, 27, 2014 Virginia College Cultural Immersion Project: Philippines Introduction: There are numerous diverse cultures that reside on this planet, each display their own uniqueness, and significance to this world we live in. The Philippines are a great illustration of how many individuals of different cultures work together to create an astounding community. Much like the United States we are comprised of all varietiesRead MoreAn Overview Of Geert Hofstede Developed The First Empirical Model Of Dimensions Of National Culture996 Words   |  4 Pages Student Number – 100026763 Name – Robbie Sammut Report Title – Individual Component Report Teacher – Claire Nicholls Date – 11th November 2014 Introduction Geert Hofstede developed the first empirical model of ‘dimensions’ of national culture. He was recognised internationally for the model that includes Power Distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism vs collectivism and Masculinity vs Femininity. The Dimension of Hofstede that is the basis of this report is uncertainty avoidance. Uncertainty

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Euclids Facts Essay Example For Students

Euclids Facts Essay Euclid was born about 365 BC in Alexandria, Egypt and died about 300 BC. Euclid was best known for his treatise on geometry (The Elements). The long lasting nature of The Elements must make Euclid the leading mathematician of all time. But little is known of Euclids life except that he taught at Alexandria in Egypt. The ElementsEuclids most famous work is his treatise on geometry called The Elements. The book was a compilation of geometrical knowledge that became the centre of mathematical teaching for 2000 years. Probably no results in The Elements were first proved by Euclid but the organization of the material and its exposition are certainly due to him. The Elements begins with definitions and axioms, including the famous fifth, or parallel, postulate that one and only one line can be drawn through a point parallel to a given line.Euclids decision to make this an axiom led to Euclidean geometry. It was not until the 19th century that this axiom was dropped and non-Euclidean geometrys were studied. The Elements is divided into 13 books. Books 1-6, plane geometry: books 7-9, number theory: book 10, Exoduss theory of irrational numbers: books 11-13, solid geometry.The book ends with a discussion of the properties of the five regular polyhedral and a proof that there are precisely five. More than one thousand editions of The Elements have been published since it was first printed in 1482. The Elements HelpfulnessThe Elements were obviously helpful because Zeno of Sidon about 250 years after Euclid wrote The Elements, seems to have been the first to show that Euclids propositions were not deduced from the axioms alone, and Euclid does make other subtle assumptions. Other Publishing of EuclidEuclid also wrote Data, On Divisions, Optics and Phenomena which have survived. His other books Surface Loci, Porisms, Conics, Book of Fallacies and Elements of Music have all been lost. The book on Data had 94 propositions. This is why The Elements make Euclid the best mathematician. Famous Quotations by EuclidThere are 3 quotations that make him outstanding one is There is no royal road to geometry. Another was said while Euclid was teaching a young boy to read geometry What do I get from learning these things? So Euclid called a slave and said Give him threepence, since he must make a gain out of what learns.The last quotation was in the 5th proposition and it is that if a straight line falling on two straight lines makes the interior angles on the same side less than two right angles, the two straight lines, if produced indefinitely, meet on that side on which the angles are less than two right angles.